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VAMP Software for Circus

VAMP is a web-based studio management system designed for circus schools but applicable to other fitness-based businesses.  

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VAMP was designed and built by Beverly Sobelman, founder of Versatile Arts in Seattle. We are not a big software company, just a  member of the industry trying to make things better for other studios. You won't have a giant support team at your beck and call, but you will have a person who understands your needs. 

Sound interesting?  Read on... 

Photo by John Cornicello

Key Features


  • Session-based registration as well as drop-in classes

  • Customizable pro-rating of session tuition

  • Planned absence/make-up class tracking

  • Prereq levels built-in to ensure students only register for appropriate classes

  • Waitlist management

  • Private lessons

  • Workshops

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User Features

  • Dashboard page gives overview of status, upcoming classes, account balance, punchcards, and more

  • Class confirmations contain downloadable calendar items

  • Absence notification through built-in form

  • Support for family groups

Instructor Features

  • Easy-to-use attendance pages to sign in students and staff

  • Per-class roster management

  • Assign substitutes/schedule make-up classes

  • Email all students in a given class

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Screen Shot 2019-01-22 at 4.38.46 PM.png


  • Supports pre-paid accounts, punchcards, packages, and memberships

  • Online payments via Paypal or credit card

  • Customizable discounts based on roles (e.g., instructor, staff), membership levels, number of classes/hours

  • Auto-renewing memberships

  • Monthly billing options

  • Customizable payment plans 

Screen Shot 2019-01-22 at 4.40.28 PM.png


Rather than reinvent the wheel, VAMP integrates with existing systems to provide key functionality:

  • SmartWaiver for release forms and other user agreements

  • PayPal for payment processing

  • Stripe or Authorize.Net for credit card processing

  • Google calendar for scheduling

  • Login with Google account


  • Class registration (session and drop-in)

  • Class, sign-in, account, and payment history

  • Payroll and work exchange

  • Accounting by date/payment method/activity

  • Customizable reporting coming soon

Other Features

  • Event ticket sales

  • Merchandise sales and inventory tracking


But wait...there's more!

VAMP also comes with VAST, the Versatile Arts Skills Tracker.

VAST is a framework with which studios and instructors can define a structured curriculum and then track their students' progress against that curriculum. VAST does not provide content; each organization can customize the system and its contents so that it represents their specific teaching practice.

The VAST model is meant to be a flexible way to describe physical skills and track student progress. 

VAST screenshot.png

For now, VAST is available as a free standalone product as well as being included with VAMP. Long-term plans are to merge the two but provide a VAST-only option at a low monthly price. If you'd like to try out VAST on its own, you can create an account here.



VAMP Pricing starts at $80/month.

Price may be adjusted up or down depending upon studio size.

1-month trial membership with no penalty for cancellation.

20% discount for ACE members!

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